Minor Skin Procedures

Keystone Medical performs a variety of minor skin procedures for patients, including: 

  • wart treatment

  • skin tag removal

  • punch biopsies

  • pre-cancerous cell cryotherapy

  • cyst & fatty tumour removal

  • abscess drainage

  • earwax removal

  • stitches & removal

  • staples & removal

  • cauterizing for chronic nosebleeds

Some of the above procedures may be subject to a fee. Please refer to our clinic policies for information on services which may not be covered by OHIP.


Trigger point Injections

Conditions such as trigger finger or tender trigger points can be treated with injectable steroids. Keystone Medical carries these injections and is able to administer them where appropriate.


IUD Insertion / Removal

IUDs (intrauterine devices) are an effective alternative to oral or injectable contraception. Keystone Medical is able to insert and remove a variety of IUDs. Please make an appointment with the doctor to discuss your options.